Anybody can lose weight and that’s just the extent as to how some of the weight loss programs in existence today can do for you. In a study done by the American Medical Association in 2005, the results showed that with the most popular weight loss diets used, everyone lost an equal amount of weight and also regained the weight, and more…

With Dr. Joel Lopez, weight loss and weight management will be dealt with holistically taking into account the many factors that can contribute to weight loss problems such as:

● Chronic Inflammation

Silent pain, an ongoing inflammation you can’t see or feel, is the primary factor that causes chronic disease. The more excess body fat, the greater the amount of silent inflammation that exists throughout the body.

● Physiological Factors

underlying medical conditions like hormonal imbalances or side effects of certain medications.

● Behavioral Factors

Unhealthy lifestyle and weight can be attributed to one’s routines and habits.

● Emotional Factors

Some emotions, like stress, anger and grief, affect our food intake.

● Metabolic Factors

Abnormally low metabolism can cause one to gain weight. And everyone will get lower metabolism as they get older. A lot of the weight loss diets out there even lower the metabolism further.

● Environmental Factors

Home and work environments have important roles in our health.

● Nutritional Factors

Our bodies need to get the right nutrients in order to function optimally.

Holistic and permanent weight loss and weight management requires a commitment from the patients. Dr. Joel Lopez can medically guide patients to achieve their health and weight goals.