Stem cells are adult stem cells residing in a person’s adipose tissues or fats. Like other stem cells, these stem cells are originally undifferentiated; however, they can transform into specialized cells, which are the building blocks of the more complex forms and structures in our body, such as nerves, tissues and organs.

When the cells in our body fail to replenish old and damaged ones due to a variety of reasons, such as old age and disease, stem cells can be deployed to trigger cell regeneration, which is the key to maintaining the good condition of our internal bodily systems and overall health.

As compared to taking stem cells from other parts of the body, collecting adult stem cells from adipose tissues provide better yield in a shorter amount of time, without need of cell culture. Further, the stem cells are taken from the patient’s own fats, thereby eliminating the risk of allergic reaction or immune rejection.



What are the benefits?

The therapeutic potential of stem cells is something relatively novel in this country. Nevertheless, it has been shown to hold great promise in providing a cure to a variety of degenerative diseases, namely, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis, as well as a host of other common diseases usually associated with old age, such as heart and blood diseases, skin disorders, spinal cord injuries and arthritis.

In particular, stem cells have shown great potential in reversing the serious complications arising from diabetes, and can also be used on localized areas to treat sports injuries.

The ability of stem cell therapy to replace damaged cells with new, healthy ones has also yielded some positive benefits as far as the outward appearance of patients are concerned. It has been observed that anti-aging effects on the patient’s skin and energy have resulted from stem cell therapy.


  1. Anti-aging and wellness
  2. Regenerative therapy against degenerative diseases
  3. Treatment for diabetes complications and sports injuries