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Biological Medicine

Early Detection, System Destress, Restore and Regenerate your body with this holistic approach to improving your well-being. Via this process, we deal with all your health systems and not just the symptoms.

We Address the Root Cause of Your Health and Wellness Issues

At JLopez MD Group, we make sure you are provided with all the avenues to uncover the root causes of your health and/or wellness problems. Via our various diagnostic and treatment modalities, as well as the latest medical devices, we take a comprehensive look at your state of health. We examine your genes, environment, and lifestyle to come-up with a customized plan to tackle your unique issues and help you achieve improvements in the way you live. That is why we apply principles of Functional Medicine so we are able to combine insights from various disciplines and approaches to health so we are able to address the root causes of any physical, emotional, and mental problems that you are facing.

MD stands for our practice’s approach of Methodical Dynamics. A systemic process that was selected to benefit one another for the patient’s best interest. Our four key components to Methodical Dynamics are Early Detection, System Destress, Restore and Regenerate.

Early detection is a 360 approach to your consultation. Strategically designed questions are combined with the test results from our Integrative Innovations. This process allows us to find the best approach to your current concerns or preventive treatment.

System Destress aids in detoxing the body to best receive the treatments needed. Our bodies go through so much due to our environment and diets alone. We aid the body in purifying itself and better give space to the natural nutrients it needs.

Restore allows the body to bring back the body to its optimal stage. We use the innovations of the practice to allow the body to heal as natural as possible. Making our body work in its restoration with the best time possible.

Regenerate rebuilds the cells that continue to develop us as we age. With JLopezMD, regeneration supports these building blocks using what we determine to be the nutrients and minerals each individual need. This approach ensures a better long-term effect that supports the aging process.


Immuno Boost Protocol

Immuno Boost Protocols are specifically designed and customized to meet the needs of individual patients who have a history of cancer in the family are have been diagnosed already. The JLopezMD team practices the Methodical Dynamics method to also help each patient better fortify the body against the probability of cancer.

When newly diagnosed, currently in treatment or have completed treatment. Each case is treated according to its specific characteristics. JLopezMD ensures a service designed around the information unique to your lifestyle and the medical information provided.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

The signs and symptoms of aging don’t only come with time. Wondering why in your mid-30s, during the peak of your game and career, you aren’t performing at your most optimal self? It can be the imbalances in hormones which hit us at any period of our lives. Though, is most commonly felt during menopause and andropause. This imbalance in the system can cause long-term health risks and symptoms to individuals. Symptoms that mimic the signs of aging and deteriorates one’s performance in the lifestyle he or she chooses to live. Signs one may be experiencing this are bone loss, heart disease and cognitive decline, among others. Mainly, the inability to keep up with the lifestyle you’d want to live but aren’t diagnosed with any other ailments.

So why is having balanced level of hormones so important? Our hormones are the messengers that control healing, tissue regeneration, immune function, sexual function, memory and mood, strength, body composition, skin thickness, energy, digestion, and virtually every other aspect of human function.

JLopezMD steps-in by providing proper individualized hormone replacement programs using bio-identical hormones that will make you feel and function years younger, while at the same time protecting you against the diseases and aging conditions. The team at JLopezMD also recognizes the unique design of men vis-a-vis women who can both experience hormonal imbalances.

The procedure is done in due consideration of this on top of the Lifestyle Profile one plans to work on. Individualized BHRT will help you feel, look, and function years younger – while giving you the added protection you need from diseases and aging maladies.



Women experiencing hormonal imbalance, mostly during perimenopause or menopause, can expect to have the following symptoms alleviated with the proper BHRT:

- Hot Flashes
- Night Sweats
- Mood Changes
- Memory Loss
- Weight Gain
- Sleep Issues
- Sexual Drive
- Pain During Sex

Women undergoing BHRT may also exhibit improvements in skin thickness, hydration, and elasticity – including a reduction in wrinkles.

Are you in your mid-40s and want to prevent the aging signs of menopause?

Men who experiencing hormonal imbalance, most evident during andropause, decline in their testosterone levels may experience several medical conditions. With BHRT, the following symptoms may be alleviated:

- Decreased Libido
- Diminished Muscle Mass, Strength, and Stamina
- Impotence
- Osteoporosis
- Heart Disease
- Sleep Disorders
- Depression
- Anxiety

While on a hormone replacement program, it’s important to include dietary and lifestyle changes as well to get optimal results. All of which can be discussed under a nutritional program of JLopezMD.

Are you in your mid-40s and want to prevent the aging signs of andropause?

Make JLopezMD Your Lifetime Health and Wellness Partner

We are not your typical clinic which you just visit when you’re sick. We want to be here with you throughout your life’s journey to wellness. We hope that as you continue to improve your health with our help, we stay as your health and wellness partner in life. You’ll find that our services not only improve your physical self, but help you find the strength and stability to improve your mental and emotional state as well.

To provide a holistic yet innovative experience, Dr. Joel Lopez designed the 7Ps of practice. The 7Ps were designed and selected based on Dr. Joel’s years of practice and experience. Values of the group’s BioMedical approach that we aim for each client to carry with them as soon as they enter our facilities.


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