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Boost your Energy!

April 4th, 2009

My 3 favorite supplements in boosting someone’s energy levels are coenzyme Q 10, L-carnitine and D-ribose. I’ve seen people with muscle weakness, chronic fatigue, congestive heart failure (along with judicious use of meds) and other health conditions associated with poor mitochondrial function improve just by taking these nutrients in their proper dose and timing. I encourage that people take pharmacuetical grade supplements since the supplement industry is unregulated. Studies have shown that not all supplements are created equal. There are those companies that essentially compromise supplement quality by cutting corners. A person could be hoodwinked into taking inferior nutrients that may cause more harm than benefit.

The majority of energy drinks are loaded with sugar and caffeine. They definitely would give a person an energy boost. The downside however, is the “crash” someone experiences after the temporary high. Therefore, a vicious cycle ensues where more sugar or caffeine is taken to sustain the energy and prevent the lows. This sugar overload by the way, is one of the culprits in ADD and ADHD, a topic we will discuss in future blogs.