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Gluta, anyone?

August 12th, 2016

By now, most people are aware of IV glutathione. People who use it actually do so because of its whitening effect. Unknown to many, there are actually other benefits of glutathione. Among these are its antioxidant role in the body, it’s liver cleansing effect, and it’s support for immunological, dermatological and neurological system health as well. The most effective form of glutathione is through the intravenous route. Topical glutathione such as those found in soaps are garbage. Don’t even believe the marketing hype about it.

The marketers repeat the lie so often that people eventually accept is as Gospel truth. Anyway, back to IV glutathione, it’s best given with vitamin C because of its synergistic effects. Vitamin C that’s derived from beet sources is better than the ones derived from corn since most corn grown in the US are GMO, unfortunately. A lot of places, including salons are offering this treatment. One should be wary of going to those places because it’s unsanitary and the staff are not trained to do so. Even some clinics that do offer it have medical staff that didn’t actually train in organizations like ACAM or A4M, the organizations that are at the forefront of age management medicine. So, before you even think about having nutrients put directly into your veins, do your research. More next time on different kinds of IV therapies specific for asthma, headaches, macular degeneration, atherosclerosis, heavy metal toxicity, etc.