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Microbes Beware... The Healing Power of Thieves Essential Oil Blend

June 22nd, 2010

I’ve been using the Thieves therapeutic-grade essential oil blend for over 8 years now. It’s been a true blessing for my life, the lives of my loved ones and the lives of my clients! It used to be that a sore throat would last a week or more, now I use Thieves blend internally or experience a Thieves lozenge or hard candy and the sore throat goes away in a day or so! Just like that! It is a miracle? Yes and no. For millennia, essential oils have been used by human kind for the purpose of healing the sick and vitalizing the already healthy. Essential oils are mentioned numerous times in the Holy Bible. They were used very extensively during ancient Egyptian times. The truth is that today we face unprecedented health challenges. The “Superbugs” are invading. Antibiotic resistant microbes have ruined numerous lives and conventional medications often times don’t work.

This is because microorganisms are intelligent and they can mutate to resist the simply structured man-made medications. Therapeutic-grade essential oils and oil blends like Thieves are very complex substances which pathogens cannot mutate against and they come from nature. When applied properly, they have no negative side-effects. And, are anti-everything! Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, anti-aging, etc. Therapeutic-grade essential oils also hold a very high vibration. It has been shown that various illnesses and pathogens hold low vibrational frequencies. When a therapeutic-grade essential oil or oil blend is introduced by inhalation, topical application or ingestion, they affect the body not only through the complex array of their constituents, but by helping raise its frequency to a healthy level. So, try Thieves Essential oil blend. It got its name because a band of Thieves would go around and rob the bodies of plague victims in medieval times, however they didn’t get sick! When they were apprehended, they were asked to reveal the secret of why they themselves didn’t catch the plague and they told their captures that they used essential oils like Clove and Cinnamon to protect themselves from the ravages of the plague. Thieves oil blend contains therapeutic-grade Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary essential oils. For further information about Thieves essential oil blend