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Improving your Sex Life Naturally

December 11th, 2009

Yes, it’s possible! There are plants and herbs that could help improve someone’s sexual performance naturally. These are usually found in the centuries-old medical traditions of Oriental Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. These substances work in conjunction with natural processes in the body. For instance, a man has to have an erect penis beyond foreplay and on into penetration. He also needs to sustain this erection and experience a forceful but pleasurable ejaculation. A woman on the other hand, needs to feel desire and be desired for her nipples to be aroused, her clitoris to be stimulated , and her vagina lubricated.

Among these sex enhancing plants for both sexes include Maca and Rhodiola Rosea. Men with low libido and diminished erectile function have been prescribed extracts of maca. The compounds found in maca also help both sexes obtain more frequent and powerful orgasms. Rhodiola, on the other hand is an adaptogen, a plant that helps us adapt to stress. It’s been used by the Siberians for centuries to improve strength and stamina (including sexual prowess).

For women in general, ahswagandha, catuaba and eluethero have been used to improve their sex drives (in India, the Amazon and Siberia, respectively). Ashwagandha and eleuthero, by the way, are adaptogens as well.

For men, the following have plants have been used for different issues. Horny goat weed or Epimedium species has been used to restore sexual fire, treating impotence and increasing semen production. Yohimbe or nature’s Viagra, has a compound that stimulates engorged vessels within the penis and nerves of the lower spine. Then finally, there’s Panax ginseng. Researchers believe that ginseng increases nitric oxide in the penis, dilating the vessels of the corpus cavernosum.

One of the common questions I get is whether these plant compounds are safe to take. They are all usually safe to take unless a person has any allergy to the plant/plant components. A person who is taking prescription medications should always ask their health care practitioners about concomitant use of herbs and synthetic meds. In the event that they don’t know, there are resources such as PDR for Herbal Medicines, Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, and the German Commission E.