About Biological Medicine

Biological Medicine recognizes that health is the body’s natural state, and that health can’t be restored without restoring the body’s natural power to heal itself. Lying at the heart of other ancient medical traditions as well, this simple idea leads to profound differences between our approach and that of conventional medicine.

With Biological Medicine, you will find:

  • We treat the whole patient, not just the symptoms or diagnosis, and do so on an individual, highly personalized basis. We employ the latest hematological, metabolic, genetic and other tests, as well as an in-depth interview and examination, to understand you as a person, not just a disease or condition.
  • We go after the underlying causes of the patient’s condition, because without fundamental changes in those causes, there can be no real healing.
  • We use multiple therapies to stimulate and support the body’s own healing power, chiefly through detoxification, rebuilding the digestive system and nutrition, and strengthening the life forces of the body’s immune and regenerative functions. The first two must be accomplished as a foundation for the third.
  • Where appropriate, we work in conjunction with conventional medicine. This is most common in advanced cases or where the body has developed a dependency on pharmaceutical medicines. In these cases, it takes time to restore natural function to the point where the conventional treatment can be reduced or, as we often see, eliminated.
  • We treat you as a partner in your health decisions, taking as much time with you as you need, answering all your questions, and explaining every option, so you can make the choices that are truly best for you.

At the core of the treatment programs are some simple fundamentals of Biological Medicine:

  • You must cleanse and detoxify your body regularly;
  • You must build digestive strength by healing your intestines and GI tract to ensure optimal absorption of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients vital to health;
  • You must strengthen the immune system to encourage healing and to prevent future illness;
  • You must alkalize your diet to support proper pH, one of the most important foundations of health.

Biological Medicine differs from conventional medicine

One of the primary goals of all medicine is to make patients feel better, but biological and conventional medicine take different approaches. Conventional medicine looks for the acute cause of an illness and spends time trying to alleviate the symptoms patients are experiencing. Biological medicine recognizes that many factors in combination and over time lead to illness, and strives to find the underlying cause of an illness so that cause can be addressed. By providing the body the support it needs, it can heal itself, cell by cell.

Perhaps one of the best ways to evaluate the two approaches is to look at an example. Say you awake one morning with a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. Your conventional medical doctor may order a throat culture and will most likely prescribe you an antibiotic to kill any pathogenic bacteria that may have found their way into your nasopharyngeal tract.

Your biological medical doctor would look for ways in which your body is too toxic or that your immune system is weakened, while coming up with a plan to strengthen your immune system to naturally defend the body and promote healing.

On the conventional side of the equation, we try to kill the external agent with another external agent, and this agent can produce side effects, making you even sicker. On the biological side of the equation we try to combat the external agent by strengthening and supporting the internal environment.

The good news is both forms of medicine are powerful – and both can complement each other for the most robust treatment of serious illnesses like cancer.

But for most illness and conditions, we believe Biological Medicine is the best alternative, as it works to support the body in healing and regulating itself. Simply put – we do it differently, but it follows the logic of the body.