Biomedical Consultation

The process starts by having a sit-down consultation, in-house or via house visit, with Dr. Joel Lopez himself. This doctor-client partnership determines the service or lifestyle portfolio that best suites the individual needs. Allowing the path to be paved for your optimal and agelessly radiant self.

This consultation goes beyond discussing your symptoms as your health goals are as important in the discussion. It is highly encouraged to share as much as possible.

Initial Consultation Includes:

  • Vital Signs Check - Heart Rate/Pulse, Respiratory Rate, Blood Pressure, Glucose
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Stress & Lifestyle Assessment


Our services are ideally done in a series, Methodical Dynamics. Following the steps of Early Detection, System Destress, Restore and Regenerate, provides a systematic approach that ensures treatments are to the advantage of the client. Early Detection allows us to see what the body needs and how it can be better aided. System Destress tackles the symptoms and possible causes that prevent your from reaching optimal health. Restore brings the body into a state of health that allows its very self to maximize its very potentials. While Regenerate is that step that stabilizes the foundations of the body with the support needed for your goals.

Each of the methods are done and incorporated with the latest innovations of the practice. Innovation and research JLopezMD continues to be on top of with the best interest of its clients in mind and heart.

Early Detection

Early detection is a 360 approach to your consultation. Strategically designed questions are combined with the test results from our Integrative Innovations. This process allows us to find the best approach to your current concerns or preventive treatment.

Body Composition Analyzer

Avail of this diagnostic approach for a non-invasive method to measure the ratio of body fat against lean muscle mass. It is an import step prior to creating a plan for improved health and weight management.

Med Scan

Learn more about your autonomic nervous system with the Bio Med Scan. This assesses your functional state based on Heart Rate Vari ability (HRV).

OG Scan

Via this device, the medical team will be able to determine (if any) the toxicology and bioavailability of heavy metals in your body. This is also capable of scanning and analyzing trace metals in bodily tissues at the point of use.



System Destress aids in detoxing the body to best receive the treatments needed. Our bodies go through so much due to our environment and diets alone. We aid the body in purifying itself and better give space to the natural nutrients it needs.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Eliminate toxins from within with Colon Hydrotherapy! It flushes out harmful elements from your colon via irrigation. Using this therapy can improve overall health, as well as boost your digestive processes.

Ozone Therapy

Using medical ozone, it improves health out comes across all your bodily systems. This therapy assists in the optimization of your health, supporting regeneration, as well as boosting your body’s natural ability to prevent.


Restore allows the body to bring back the body to its optimal stage. We use the innovations of the practice to allow the body to heal as natural as possible. Making our body work in its restoration with the best time possible.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Boost cell growth and detoxification by breathing concentrated oxygen in a pressurized chamber. This process improves bone and muscle regeneration, as well as help the body fight infec tions and inflammation. Overall, it allows body functions to improve while accelerating healing.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared lamps heat your body directly in this unique approach to gaining better health. By doing so, you are helping your body detox, improve circulation, as well as relieve pain from sore muscles and joints.


Using electric and thermal control technology, this therapeutic process will help you manage both pain and inflammation in your body.


Regenerate rebuilds the cells that continue to develop us as we age. With JLopezMD, regeneration supports these building blocks using what we determine to be the nutrients and minerals each individual need. This approach ensures a better long-term effect that supports the aging process.

The 25 IV treatments

JLopezMD presents an array of IV drips that’s customized for the needs of people in different aspects of their lives. With the IV drips, the team is able to ensure that each client always feels their most optimal self. Options presented for the drips help from detox, internal function, mental health and even physical features. Dr. Joel Lopez, upon consultation, can help better select that cocktails you need to reach your lifestyle goals.



Life Support