OG Scan

A non-invasive test that is able to perform quick and precise analysis of the minerals and heavy metals in the tissues of patients.

Benefits of OG Scan

The OG Scan

The OG Scan uses spectrophotometry, a method to measure how much a chemical substance absorbs light, to measure the amount of trace elements in the tissue of a patient. The test checks in real-time the mineral and heavy metal status of a patients. Based on results, J. Lopez, M.D. Medical Group Inc. can make recommendations on diet and other possible interventions.



Treatments included in the program

J. Lopez, M.D. breaks that barriers among physical, mental, and emotional components that permit one to live a healthy lifestyle.


TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)​​

DHEA levels decline with aging. It’s the most abundant natural steroid in the body that has androgenic and immune-boosting properties, among others. Proper dosing of DHEA will yield beneficial results.

Stem Cell Therapy​

Thyroid function can also be affected by aging. Other hormones especially cortisol can affect thyroid function. Proper balancing of all hormones is essential for healthy aging.

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