Causes of aging and what can we do about it.

There are a number of reasons why we age. Among them include the genetic theory , neuroendocrine theory, free radical theory, wear and tear theory, telomerase theory and waste accumulation theory. Let’s first discuss the genetic theory behind aging. What this means is that we all have a set number of years to live (predetermined). I believe that this is only part of the equation however. To borrow one of my esteemed colleagues analogy, he said that “our genes are like a loaded gun but our environment pulls the trigger”. What this means is that if we have inherited some “single nucleotide polymorphisms” ( SNP’s) or genetic risk factors, we don’t necessarily have to express them.

This is true especially if we have a great diet and a pristine environment. Living in a toxic world however, requires that we take special measures in order to keep our selves healthy. We have to eat organic food ideally (biodynamically produced crops even better), drink clean water, breathe fresh air, exercise regularly, lower stress levels, avoid harmful EMF’s, get enough sleep, etc. Easier said than done, right? That’s when the concept of regular detoxification programs come in. What kind of program can a person tolerate? That’s where another concept called “biochemical individuality” is applicable. We are all different and as such, have different strengths and weaknesses, needs or requirements.

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