It’s all about Balance

Our hormones decline because we age. We age because our hormones decline. Just two different ways to look at the same thing. The first statement makes us feel helpless whereas the second statement puts us more in control. If we can slow down aging by addressing hormonal imbalances, then we’re “off to aging gracefully”. A lot of the symptoms associated with hormone decline manifest as the common signs and symptoms of aging. These signs and symptoms are often addressed symptomatically. NSAIDs for arthritic pain, SSRIs for depression, PPIs for heartburn.

Name the problem, there’s usually a pill for it. What’s surprising is that a common personality trait like shyness is being “medicalized” and called “social anxiety disorder”. Boy, am I glad that I wasn’t born yesterday. I would’ve been labeled with “social anxiety disorder” and possibly put on medications. I also probably won’t be here today writing a blog about holistic anti aging protocols. Anyway, regarding hormones, what I’m referring to are bioidentical hormones or hormones that have exactly the same molecular structure as our endogenous or naturally-produced hormones. This is what makes the difference in a hormone replacement program. If you are given non-bioidentical hormones, it’s no longer a hormone replacement program but a hormone substitution program.

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