Personalized Programs

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Ageless Program​

The Ageless Program is a custom-tailored program designed just for you. It is safe and clinically-effective treatment that’s been around for decades. Proper screening and follow-up yield optimal results. You will look better, feel better and ready to face the world with renewed vigor and vitality.​

Optimized Mind and Body Program​

This program fuses together nutritionology, metabolic medicine, and other non-medical and non-invasive procedures to properly address weight management with a more lasting effect that is suited for your health profile. One can experience increased metabolic rate that aids the channeling from fat deposition to muscle strengthening. At JLopezMD the OMB process begins with Consultation then includes : Blood Test, BCA, FIT, Supplements, Testosterone, Infrared Phototherapy and Acupuncture

Stretch Mark and Scar Camouflage ​

A first in the country stretch mark camouflage works directly on damaged skin, smoothing the appearance of different scars and stretch marks. The treatment brings amazing results with the use of special digital device along with patented pigment to match skin colour.Exclusive only to JLopezMD.
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Ageless Therapy Program​

Ageless Therapy are treatments designed specifically for you to look and feel better, ready to face life’s challenges with renewed vigor and vitality. The AT program will not only increase your lifespan, but will likewise prolong your health span. Be ready to experience youthful energy as your biological age improves!​
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Bespoke IV Treatments ​​​​

JLopezMD presents a selection of IV therapy treatments that are customized for our client’s individual needs. The IV drips vary from detox, internal function, mental health, and anti-aging. Upon consultation, can better recommend the best IV therapy for your specific health and wellness concerns.